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Objective Bunerela +


To reduce significantly HIV infections and deaths.

Objective 1

To establish and maintain highly effective networks across the globe that equip, empower and engage members to overcome stigma and discrimination (SSDDIM).



  •     Establish and support a global secretariat.
  •     Establish and support a regional, and national mechanisms for coordination of networks.
  •     Identify, empower, and support religious leaders living with or affected by HIV.
  •     Develop policies (communication, organizational management, human resources, and governance).
  •     Procedures and plans.
  •     Ensure transparency and accountability of network resources.
  •     Create partnerships that enhance the efficiency and impact of INERELA.

Objective 2

To enable members to develop, implement, monitor and evaluate anti-SSDDIM and Pro-SAVE programs at congregational and community for better prevention, treatment, care, and support.



  •     To develop tools against the SSDDIM and Pro-SAVE programming, monitoring, and evaluation.
  •     To train and equip the members of the anti-SSDDIM and Pro-SAVE programming, monitoring, and evaluation.
  •     To assist members to mobilize resources for the implementation of the program, monitoring and evaluation.
  •     To document and disseminate lessons learned.

Objective 3

To strengthen the network's ability to effective communication, advertising, and information sharing.



  •     Improve communication between and among regional and national networks.
  •     To create and manage a comprehensive database which includes the accession of member experiences.
  •     Develop an interactive website that allows members and the general public to access information on the network.
  •     Use available and appropriate communication channels to publicize the activities and impact of the network.
  •     Develop and publish materials including books, brochures, videos, and brochures.

Goal 4

To enable members to advocate for policies and programs at global, regional, national, and local community level that reduces vulnerability to HIV, particularly among marginalized and excluded groups.



  •     To develop and implement an internal policy on vulnerability to HIV, with particular attention to marginalized and excluded groups.
  •     To advocate for the universal adoption and application of SAVE as a comprehensive prevention tool, not stigmatizing.
  •     Design, develop, and implement evidence-based programs that reduce vulnerability to HIV with and among marginalized and excluded groups.
  •     Initiate partnerships with likeminded organizations to challenge policies and practices that increase vulnerability to HIV-related infections, illnesses, deaths and other related impacts

Objectives of BUNERELA+

  • To establish and maintain highly effective networks across the globe that equip empower and engage member to overcome shame, denial, inaction and miss-action (SSDIM).
  •  To enable members to develop implement, monitor and evaluate ant-SSDIM and pro-SAVE programs at congregation treatment, care and support.

To build the capacity of the network in effective communication, publicity and information sharing.

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