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Awareness within religious communities

Awareness within religious communities (churches grouped in the Burundi Alliance of Evangelical Churches of the Confederation of Burundi, churches of revival in Burundi and the Islamic Community of Burundi).

30 Religious Confessions were sensitized through Sunday services at an average of 7.00 people share session. A total of 21,000 people who received the message about HIV and malaria.

We work together on HIV, malaria and Sexual and Reproductive Health, which is a newly introduced in ActivitiesThe our youth about sexual health enjoying success as Religious Leaders organized youth as they have a managerial problem youth within religious denominations

Our achievements

  • Launched BUNERELA+ and retreat on 16th 17th 2011 for 2 days.
  • Promoting approach SAVE in training of 15 trainers of trainers
  • Identification and registration of 92 members of BUNERELA+ 62 infected and 30 affected
  •  Presentation of the First proposal in Christian Aid and found the network.
  • We work in the unity five organizations during World AIDS Day BUNERELA+,CEPEBU, PEAB, WOI, ARM- (consucium HUMURA)
  • Sensibilization of 6 different Radios and 2 local broadcasting TV in advocacy
  • Sensibilization into 15 churches and Ministries :
  • Vivante Rohero Church, Methodiste Unie Church, Vivante Jabe Church, Anglicane Church, Roch Church, New Life Church, Free Methodiste, and same organization like RBP+ ACCORD Burundi.
  • Adocacy of high level we reached her excellente first Lady of Burundi, Rev Denise NKURUNZIZA.
  •  Recruitment of 2 units of human resources : National coordinator and Program Manager.
  • We have organized 2 meetings of Religious Leader and 2 meetings of board members staff and 1meetings of praying

INERELA+ General Conference

The International Network of Religious Leaders Living with or Personally Affected by HIV and AIDS (INERELA+) invites you to attend the INERELA+ General Conference taking place from the 17th – 19th of July 2012 in Washington DC, USA.

The INERELA+ General Conference is a triennial event which is crucial to the running of the network. The Conference allows members to guide and contribute to the direction and the focus of INERELA+ and how it will develop over the next three years. This gives our global network a structure to work to and allows us to support each other ; it also allows our entire global network to come together in community and to help strengthen the bonds of communication within the network. Without the presence of members the conference cannot take place. Our General Conference is also an opportunity for us to share with each other our various skills through workshops and skills building sessions, so building up our joint capacity.

Our General Conference is happening at an exciting time within the field of HIV, the International AIDS Conference (IAC) is taking place a few days after our meeting in Washington DC. This is our chance to raise awareness about HIV as a global issue but also to add the voice of the faith community, showing that it is not silent in its response to HIV.

We would very much like to see you attend the General Conference and additional events and add your voice to the discourse.

INERELA+ Board Meeting : 19 July, 2012 The annual meeting of the INERELA+ Board will take place at Howard University.


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